Why did you choose career in teaching?


job interview tableEvery interview starts with simple, general questions. Interviewers will either ask you to introduce yourself or they will inquire about your career choice. They do so to get a quick understanding of who you are, why you want to be a teacher and how good your communication skills are.

Good answer should fulfill several criteria:

  • You should look into the future, not in the past. Saying that you apply for this job because you graduated from the field of special education is not a good answer. It indicates a must, not a desire.
  • You should show right motives and understanding for the job. Good applicants does not talk about money and benefits, but about meaningful purpose of a teaching job.
  • Good answer is a short one. This is just a start of an interview, a warm-up question. So do not talk two minutes about your career choice. Be clear, speak to the point and start with enthusiasm.

Sample Answers

I was always looking for a job in which one can find meaningful purpose, be useful for the others. Teaching was my choice and it continues to be. I decided for sphere of special need education as I feel for these students greatly.

I have good predispositions, I taught my classmates a lot and was good at it. On the top of that I have a good feeling from teaching and simply I can’t imagine myself having any other job.

I have a child with generic disorder, so it is mostly for personal reasons. I started as an elementary teacher but after my child was born, I realized that special education is the field to do. I have a great belief that if taught the right way, special need children can find their place in society and their abilities can improve.

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