Why do you want to work at our facility and not somewhere else?


Building of one special schoolAfter a good introduction of yourself (first impression), it is time to strengthen your relationship with the interviewers, so they have a good feeling about you from the beginning. This question is an ideal opportunity to do so…

You know, people sitting in an hiring committee are typically very proud on the work they have done. They do not like to hear a job candidate saying that he applied for many teaching positions and did not choose their institution specially. Although this is true most of the times, you should not say it in a job interview. Oppositely, you should do good research, find something admirable about their facility and talk about it in an interview. Such factors can be, but are not limited to:

  • Very good approach to special education, e.g. well-executed inclusion
  • Good achievements and scores of special needs students, or students in general
  • Good reputation of the school in the neighborhood
  • Modern equipment, good instruments for special need students

Do not forget that complimenting a school, you in fact compliment people working there, people who manage it. And these are the people sitting in the interviewing panel. So do your research, find something to compliment and talk about it in your interview.

In an extreme case, when you apply for a job in a below-average institution with bad reputation, you can talk about personal reasons, such as location, good traffic connection, etc. It is still better than to say that you applied for many positions and did not choose their education facility.

Sample Answers

I was looking for school in which most special needs students spend the majority of their day with students without special needs. This corresponds with my personal philosophy. I found your school to fulfill this criteria. On the top of that, you have a great reputation and when I talked to some parents from the school, I heard only good things about teachers and management of this facility.

When I visited the website of your school I understood immediately that you care. You do so many after school activities for special need students and they have such a variety of possibilities to spend their time here. It made a deep impression on my and inspired me to apply. On the top of that, this school is close to my apartment, so it would be a goop place of work from logistic point of view too.

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