What is your philosophy when it comes to inclusion and segregation? Please share your opinion with us.


teacher and a special needs studentDifferent people have different opinion on ideal special needs education. Some principals prefer inclusion, some complete segregation, and some like to combine it and experiment. In fact, you should have your own philosophy and should choose your place of work according to it. It makes no sense to apply for a job at education facility that supports inclusion, if you are a firm believer into segregation. It won’t work well.

As to the interview answer, research you did (or hopefully will do :)) prior to the interview, should help you to find the right words. In an ideal case, you should visit the school prior to the job interview and check how special eduction works. What tools and teaching methods do they apply? What models do they prefer? Once you know it, all you have to do is to stick to it in your answer (to this question, or other, similar questions)… But let me stress it once again: If you think in a long term and approach your job search responsibly and carefully, you should apply for a teaching job at a school with the same philosophy as yours.

Sample Answers

I am a firm believer into inclusion. We should not segregate someone just because he is disabled. If the lessons are planned properly, the students without special needs should not suffer because of few special needs pupils amongst them. And, what is more important, it helps one group to integrate into the another and the other to understand better and learn to live with the first… I have studied the philosophy of your school carefully and know that you support inclusion. That was actually one of the reasons why I applied for a job here and not in another school.

Segregation is definitely better. Special needs student need different pace and structure of a lesson and if we want to prepare them for future life, we need to have appropriate framework, which can be achieved in separate classes only. If we integrate them, both groups will suffer and won’t get as good education as possible. Of course, it is good if these children spend some time with the pupils without special needs, so they do not feel deficient. But most of their education should be done in a separate classroom. At least that’s what I believe.

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