How do you imagine a typical day in a class? What would we see if we come in the middle of the lesson?


children at computerSooner or later, they will ask you more practical questions. To ask about a “typical day in classroom” or “typical math lesson” are common questions in any teaching interview.

In order to make a good impression, you should have a plan. Of course, every lesson is different, so it makes no sense to talk about specific stuff. It is more about condition in which the class is, how the students feel and keep discipline. It is more about an overall atmosphere in the classroom and feelings of the students. This is what you should talk about.

Then, this is a special education interview, so surely, not everything will be perfect in a classroom. That’s how it goes… But do not be worried. The interviewers are interested more in your attitude. If they see from your answer that you care for well-being of every single student, you will get positive points for your answer. Let’s have a look at some samples.

Sample Answers

I imagine a busy day, children being engaged in various well-planned activities, according to the needs of every individual. I see friendships amongst children and mutual respect between me and them. I see happy young people who enjoy their time in the classroom and therefor do not make big mess. I see a well balanced and harmonized environment in which everyone progresses.

Well, every lesson is different, every class is different and of course, every student is different. So it is hard for me to say what exactly you will see. But surely you will find there a well prepared teacher who cares about healthy development of each single pupil and does his very best to understand the needs and specifics of each student. That is what you would see in my classes.

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