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handshake in a job interviewJob interview is a dialogue. If you apply for a job at a good education institution, you will have a chance to ask some questions. In fact, the very best job candidates prepare their questions upfront, print it and bring it to the interview with them!

Yes, I know, a clever person can ask questions directly in an interview. It somehow results from the conversation. If you listen well, you will know what to ask… But you should not underestimate the impression such a behavior makes on the interviewing panel. This simple paper with few printed questions presents you as a responsible individual who is interested in their institution and who did everything he could to be well prepared for an interview… And that isn’t a bad picture in their eyes, is it?

Of course, one should pay attention in an interview. To ask about something that was already said, or clearly outlined on the job description, is a bad idea. You should have your list of questions, but you do not necessarily need to use all of them… Let’s have a look at some good questions. (You should do your own research to find out questions suitable for your interview.)

Sample questions to ask the interviewers

Can you tell me something about after school activities for special needs students?

I spent a lot of time on your website but I haven’t found anything about your goals. What are the goals of your institution in long term horizon?

Can you tell me more about tools and games you apply in the special needs classes?

What about use of information technology in the classes? Do you support it?

Do teachers have an option to bring it their own ideas when it comes to teaching special needs students?

I have seen that you finished as the second best school in the district. What has been behind such an incredible achievement?

What are the next steps of recruitment process?


Want to prepare better?

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Glen Hughins, Your Personal Job Interview Coach