Is there any kind of student you would find it difficult to work with?


Job interview at schoolSome special needs students are extremely difficult to work with. We all know it and it is not a secret. When talking about it in an interview, you should not idealize this job, or take it lightly. It is good to show honesty and say it is difficult for you to work with some students. After all, it’s difficult for everyone.

However, the key is to elaborate on it and say that although it is difficult, you still love it and are dedicated to do your job as well as possible. This way you kill two flies with one stone. You present yourself as a trustworthy and honest person, and at the same time you show that you stick to the right principles and actions even in difficult situations. That’s the best possible way towards a coveted job contract.

Sample Answers

Well, it is difficult for me to work with students with emotional and behavioral disorders. Sometimes they spoil the overall plan I have and they are too difficult to understand for other children. However, even if sometimes disappointed, I keep reminding myself that we are in the classroom for them, not contrariwise. I have special love for children with these needs and can manage the situation and get over any disappointment quickly.

Sometimes it is difficult for me to work with disabled wheelchair children, because I am not very strong. The same applies to other physical disabilities. But I try to engage other people, even students if safe, to help me out. I think it is good for them too, good for everyone, as they learn to help the disabled and hopefully will continue doing it when they leave the school.


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