Teachers face many challenges nowadays. Can you name some of these challenges. And what about specific challenges in special education?


teacher and a special needs studentWe live in challenging times. Youngsters are not very interested in studies. With the boom of social media and smart phones, teachers face many new challenges at schools. It’s tough to keep the attention of pupils when so many things just take it away… Then the number of children in a class is increasing, parents have little understanding for the teachers’ advice and children are obese. It’s not an easy time for schools. Interviewers want to see if you do not wear pink glasses and see your job realistically, with all pluses and minuses.

As to the special education, problems are similar, but teachers need to tackle some additional challenges. Inclusion problems, chicane, mockery… are some of it. I know that in an ideal case we won’t have these, but you will find it even on the best schools. That is reality and good job candidates are aware of it. Needless to say, to teach special needs students is challenging on its own, as one need to approach every student individually.

You should be able to name at least couple of these challenges and outline a strategy to tackle each challenge. This is exactly the difference between good and exceptional job candidates. Average candidate sees only the problem, while the exceptional one has a solution of the problem on his mind. Or in a worst case (not all the problems are solvable in a short run), you should have a positive point of view and see problems as challenges.

Note: While most of the problems outlined above challenge teachers and principals all around the world, some may not apply to your country or education facility. Think twice before you pick one of our answers to this question. It may, as well as may not, be suitable for your interview.

Sample Answer

Worsening level of communication and interpersonal skills, as well as new forms of addiction, such as social media addiction or smart phone addiction, are the new challenges we face. I believe that we need to let the children to talk more in lessons. We should use lot of exercises that develop creativity, and we need strict rules regarding smart phones in classes. That’s the only way to deal with this new phenomenon. We just can’t ignore it. With special needs student, the situation is different. One has to find a best approach and study plan for each single pupil, what is very challenging and can take some time and trial and error to do it well. However, this is what I love to do and I am ready to do my best to tackle the challenges.

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