There is a lot of paperwork involved in this job. Are you ready to do it? Do you have any experience with it?


Pen and paperPaperwork, bureaucracy, regular auditing. That became from our education system in the recent years… While talking to some of the school principals, one can easily get a feeling that the actual lesson in a classroom is the last thing on their mind.

However, I have some understanding for it. Auditors are strict and penalties high, so every school wants to have papers in right.  And in order to succeed in an interview, you should have a similar approach to it and not be negative about paperwork. At the same time, it is good to say that you try to keep the balance in work, in order to not sink yourself into endless piles of papers and forget about the most important part of your job – the lessons and needs of every single pupil.

And what if you have no experience with it? Well, they won’t mind… Just say that you are ready to dedicate time (even after school, in your free time) to learn how to do the papers.

Sample Answers

I am ready to do all the paperwork involved. I understand the importance, especially if we talk about special needs students, because every teacher, school counselor, or other staff member, should be able to look at the file and understand the specifications and needs of the student in given situation. Paperwork makes sense, so I am ready to do it. At the same time, they key is to work effectively, on computer, so one does not devote too much time to papers and it should never be his first priority. First and foremost we need to take care about the quality of lessons and development of each student.

I have never done it before, but I understand it is important to monitor progress and situation of every special needs student. I hope somebody will show me how to do it and I will practice after school too. I take this job with everything that belongs to it – good things and bad things. Paperwork is a boring part, but we need to do it, as it is useful and necessary for both school and pupils.

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